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Note that this course is by application only. You need to set up a call with Sophie McLean. It is important to make sure you are a fit for the in-depth disentanglement of your ego...

  • Successful people have an identity, also called a character, that is designed to produce results. And the day comes when we reach the limits of that character and we are left with the question: is this all there is? What is next? How come I am not satisfied? Something is missing. If you recognize those questions, then the answer is YES!

  • If you know you are limited by the persona or the character you have created. ​ If this constraint is now not only redundant but, if you tell the truth, also unbearable. If you have reached the point in your life where you are unbearably aware of the lack of ontological freedom. ​Then the answer is YES! ​

  • If you are committed to go beyond the ordinary agreement of our inherited culture and if you yearn for the pursuit of the extraordinary, meaning, you want to be true to your Soul... Then the answer is YES!

  • If you rather have privacy than be in a group, are ready to play and give all, and will not retreat in the face of the depth of the unknown, then the answer is YES.

Sophie Speaks

about the Master Course

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“I support people who have the courage to tell the truth about yearning for something other than 

the daily routine we call “life”.

I support them to find the door that leads to their liberation so that they can be fully soul-expressed
 create a life devoid of suffering and confusion.”

Sophie McLean


  • Each of the 10 sessions lasts a maximum of two hours.

  • Sessions are conducted in person or we can connect via internet video meeting applications.

  • Sessions take place every one or two weeks. This allows you time to integrate the session without losing the continuous thread that runs through them all.

  • Our relationship will be based on the Socratic method. I am neither a therapist nor a coach. In practical terms, this means I direct the conversation with questions: you alone have the answers, since it is your life. The goal is for you to discover for yourself a new view of life rather than to simply believe what I say. ​

  • The content of our sessions will never be disclosed to anyone. It is important for your comfort and trust to know that you can count on my full professional discretion. On the other hand, you are invited to share what you learn with people; this will lend a reality to your work.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Please Watch this Tutorial on How to Use Your Classroom. [Do this before starting your course. Thank you.]

    • Acknowledgments

    • Welcome to the Master Course

    • Master Course Terms and Modalities

    • Pre-Course Context

    • Tips

    • "A Prayer" from Sophie's book, The Elegance of Simplicity

  • 2

    The Assignment (to be completed 48 Hours before your First Session)

    • Assignment: Write the Story of Your Life

  • 3

    Supporting Materials

    • The 3 Dimensions We Operate In

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"No one can give you the gift of consciousness. 

You already are it.

But what I can give you is the access to

remembering who you really are."


Sophie McLean


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Who is Sophie McLean?

Wisdom Teacher, Instructor

Sophie McLean

Born in Algeria, educated in Morocco and France, and with a professional career in the USA and UK, Sophie McLean has had an eventful life. She’s been a helicopter pilot, a teacher, a designer, a relief worker, a war refugee, and a CEO. She’s been shot at, shipwrecked, and widowed. She’s lived on a farm, a boat, a penthouse, and an ashram. As a wisdom teacher, Sophie has spent decades leading transformational seminars to over 80,000 people around the world, of all ethnicities, ages, religions and social backgrounds – all engaged with the universal existential questions of “Who and what am I?” and “What is my life about?” With two master’s degree in philosophy and a Diploma in mediation, Sophie is an expert in the field of ontology, the study of the essence of being.

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