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Practicing the Language of Awareness

Each language gives you access to a specific world. Doctors have their own language that gives them access to practice medicine. Lawyers operate in their own world because of their own language. The language I use might be new and, at first, confusing to you. But that very language will give you access to elevation of consciousness. When you first learn something, you will confront intellectual laziness. We live in a world that is shallow and superficial where we want everything now, with no effort. You need to make a choice to learn the language of awareness, and once you make that choice, don’t quit! You will become fluent. I promise. You will reap what you sow.

Course curriculum

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    Zoom Link for Weekly Live Calls

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  • 3

    The Levels of Consciousness . David Hawkins

    • Shame: On the Levels of consciousness by David Hawkins Part 1 (9.20.21)

    • Guilt and Hate:Level of consciousness Part 2 (9.27.21)

    • Apathy:On the Levels of consciousness by David Hawkins Part 3 (10.4.2021)

    • On Grief and Fear: the level of consciousness Part 4 (10.11.2021)

    • Level of consciousness Part 5 : wants and desires (10.19.2021)

    • Level of consciousness Part 6: anger (10.25.21)

    • Levels of Consciousness Part 7: Pride and Courage (11.1.21)

    • Levels of Consciousness: Neutrality and Willingness (11.8.2021)

    • Levels of Consciousness: Acceptance and Reason.(11.15.2021)

    • Levels of consciousness: LOVE (11.22.2021)

    • On Love and Ecstasy (11.29.2021)

    • Level 600 and Above (12.7.2021)

  • 4

    Weekly Calls on Universal Laws

    • The 7 Laws of Bob Proctor

    • The Law or Cause and Effect

    • The Law of Polarity

    • The Law of Rhythm

    • The Law of Correspondence

    • The Law of Gender

    • The Law of Mentalism

    • The Law of Vibration

  • 5

    Audiobook The Elegance of Simplicity

    • About the Book and Opening Credits

    • A Prayer

    • Quote

    • Prologue

    • Chapter 1: The Covenant

    • Chapter 2: The Boudoir

    • Chapter 3: The Time of Infancy

    • Chapter 4: The Time of Childhood

    • Chapter 5: The Time between Childhood and Adolescence

    • Chapter 6: The Time of Adolescence

    • Chapter 7: The Time of Adulthood

    • Chapter 8: A Dream

    • Chapter 9: The Time of Love

    • Chapter 10: The Time of Despair

    • Chapter 11: Another Dream

    • Chapter 12: The Time of Adventure

    • Chapter 13: The Time of Transformation

    • Chapter 14: A Third Dream

    • Chapter 15: The Time of Training

    • Chapter 16: The Death of the Phoenix

    • Chapter 17: The Tantric Woman

    • Chapter 18: The Rebirth of the Phoenix

    • Chapter 19: Fear

    • Chapter 20: A Fourth Dream

    • Chapter 21: The Meaning of Life

    • Chapter 22: Existential Boredom

    • Chapter 23: The Game of Life

    • Chapter 24: The Return

    • Epilogue

    • Closing Credits

  • 6

    Mastering Awareness Seminar: 6 sessions

    • What is the ego?

    • On love

    • ON fear and anxiety

    • ON living a spiritual life

    • On Karma

    • On existential boredom

  • 7

    Navigating Our New Reality :6 Sessions Seminar

    • On Change

    • On Rituals, Habits and Structures

    • On Being Grounded While in Quick Sand

    • On Gratefulness and Joy

    • On Surrendering the Automatic Ego

    • On Being with the Symphony of Life

  • 9

    Published Articles

    • Link to published articles

  • 10

    Podcasts and Interviews

    • The Woman's Voice Podcast with Lisa Lockland-Bell

    • Empower Humans Podcast with Phil Rowson

    • Disrupt Now Podcast with Natalie Viglione

    • Working on Purpose Podcast with Alice Cortez

    • On the Covid-19 Pandemic with Josh Macin

    • For More Podcasts...

  • 11

    Teaching Call Demonstrations

    • I Am not Fulfilled!

    • What is My Purpose?

    • I am a Perfectionist!

  • 12

    What is the Ego? A Clear Explanation...

    • What is the ego? A Clear Explanation...

Hear , Hear !

Awareness is the Ultimate Power

Daniela Hess,Yoga Farm Director and Instructor

My experience of Sophie is a gift... Not understanding one's own ego is to be at the mercy of tremendous, deeply rooted, survival patterns and tendencies, which are elusive, slippery, and will go to great lengths to remain hidden. She trains you to recognize egoic tendencies that are very personal and specific for each individual, and to work with the antidote:the Power and Light of Awareness. ​ I became intimately acquainted in a new love affair - with the Essence of my Soul. This is like reuniting with your most precious, cherished, and familiar Friend, which in turn, creates a whole new paradigm shift within that touches every area in the curriculum of Your Life. ​

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