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"To hear the call of the soul is to remember that all journeys will lead us back to who we really are."

Are You Hearing the Call of Your Soul?

What can I expect from the Course?

  • You will give yourself permission to imagine the 'Soul World' and intuit it

  • You will experience giving yourself permission to take risks, and be a 'yes' to life.

  • You will get an insight about the design of incarnating as a human being.

  • You will have an experience of how we construct our ego.

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The Call of the Soul

Your 3 Lessons will Include:

  • Audiobook Chapters

    Each lesson is based on specific chapters from Sophie's book, The Elegance of Simplicity. By the end of the course, you will own the entire audiobook!

  • Video Lessons

    Each lesson includes a video from Sophie McLean that weaves in the audiobook chapters and gives you guidance on where to look in your own life.

  • Written Lessons

    Each section of the course contains a written lesson along with the video and audio. The written lessons give you deeper access into the material for that day.

  • Personal Course Work

    Each day will include optional course work. You can do it at your own pace, in your own space. The course is designed for you to be fully the source of the results you will get.

  • The Soul's Journey Chart

    Inspired by the map of The Hero's Journey, we have created our own version called The Soul's Journey. The journey does not begin at birth, it begins when the Divine creates the souls. You will receive this new chart and learn how to apply it to your own path.

  • Join the Facebook Community

    You will have access to Sophie's Facebook group where you can post, interact with other community members, and ask questions.

The First 7 Lessons of this Course are Free

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Please Start Here

    • Please Watch this Tutorial on How to Use Your Classroom. [Do this before starting your course. Thank you.]

  • 2

    Day 1: Welcome!

    • Welcome to the Call of the Soul!

    • Getting Started

    • The Elegance of Simplicity

    • Course Work

  • 3

    Day 2: Setting the Stage

    • Day 2: Video and Lesson

    • The Four Acts of the Soul's Journey

    • The Elegance of Simplicity: A Prayer

    • Day 2: Course Work

  • 4

    Day 3: The Quantum Dimension

    • Day 3: Video and Lesson

    • The Elegance of Simplicity: Chapter 1

    • The Elegance of Simplicity: Chapter 2

    • Day 3: Course Work

  • 5

    Join Us for the Complete Course! (21 Days)

    • Join Us for the Complete 21 Days!

Gift Yourself the Full Adventure!

In light of these unusual times, the rest of the course (all 21 days) will be offered with flexible pricing. No matter which price you choose, you’ll receive access to the entire course. We trust you and we thank you for your commitment to being an extraordinary human being. Either gift yourself the 21 days now, or choose after you complete the first 7 days.

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    $95.00The Call of the Soul [Full Course - 21 Lessons]

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    $65.00The Call of the Soul [Full Course - 21 Lessons]

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    $35.00The Call of the Soul [Full Course - 21 Lessons]

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    $135.00The Call of the Soul [Full Course - 21 Lessons]

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Hear from the Participants

  • Susan N.

    "Sophie is AMAZING - take her free course and find out for yourself. Everybody will benefit - young, less young, UN types, men, women, parents, anybody who's ever wondered if this -whatever your this- is iit... I promise you will thank me later."

  • Julia V.

    "Hi Sophie! I'm on day 6 of the course and I want to say Thank You for making this available for us. Your audio about when we fell from grace was an "aha" moment for me. I've lived my entire life in fear, all from one childhood experience. Now as a mother my fear and anxiety is being passed down to my daughter’s, and it is heartbreaking for me. I want them to live life to the fullest and see the world and all it's beauty. I want to live life and see the beauty without fear. Thank you."

  • Sam S.

    "Thanks so much for accepting me in this course. I’m finding it revealing and I’m really trying to let things go. It has made me really look at the things I didn’t think I did. Or I didn’t want to admit I did. Thank you once again."

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